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Friday, August 25, 2006 

Interview with AndrewFM by Vance_Kimiyoshi

Okay okay okay! We haven't done anything in what seems a lifetime... but we got a new writer, who did this nice article, and we're working on a new GMI. Yeah, really. It should be done soon. It'll have reviews, previews, interviews, cheats/tips/walkthroughs, it's own site, keeping the forum, and more and just all that stuff!

So don't worry, all your waiting will be so totally worth it. I think so, anyway... yeah, well, here's a good interview our new freelance writer, Vance_Kimiyoshi, scored with AndrewFM. Read!

Vance: Hello Andrew.

Andrew: Hi

Vance: You have two projects, Rocketman 2 and Chaos Heaven. How are they coming?

Andrew: Well, they're coming out pretty well. Chaos Heaven is almost ready for the first demo to be released, while Rocketman is still quite far from there... but, then again, that is a much bigger project. However, Chaos Heaven is currently the more active one.

Vance: Could you describe Chaos Heaven? What will the final version have?

Andrew: Chaos Heaven is a very difficult, and extremely fast paced scrolling shooter. It has 3 varying difficulty levels,and will have 10 (Maybe more or less?) waves, 10 (Depends on the number of waves) different chaotic bosses, and a very large number of enemys and attack waves. You can see a 30 second preview of the gameplay here:

Vance: I've seen the clip, and it looks very nice. You have some interesting weapons, how many are there?

Andrew: Currently there are 4 weapons, with 2 upgrades for each. For the first demo, I plan to have 6 weapons done. I'm not sure how many are going to be in the final version, but I hope for around 20.

Vance: 20 weapons with 2 upgrades, 60 weapons? That sounds like a lot. So, any last words on Chaos Heaven?

Andrew: Nope,no other words that I can think of.

Vance: Okay, onto Rocketman 2. Could we have a basic overview of the game?

Andrew: Rocketman 2 is a game for my nephew about his made up character Rocketman. Its a platformer/shooter, with some RPG elements (spells, items, leveling up and stats). It will feature 6 worlds, with 4 levels and a boss within each. It will have 5 difficulty levels, and hopefully, hundreds of unlockables.

Vance: When you say unclockables, what do you mean?

Andrew: Various things, ranging from big things like New modes, to hidden courses and bosses, or smaller things, such as minigames. Or, even as small as something like a spell, or a new accessory, such as a new gun, or new armor. Basically, anything other than like potions, and standard items. In other words, by an unlockable, I mean something that you aquire, and its permanent.

Vance: Okay, got it. What's the basic story behind the game?

Andrew: Right now there is not much of any. Since its my nephew's character and all, I'm letting him design stuff such as the storyline, the character, and various suits and guns. But as for now, you're some dude that has a laser gun that goes around shooting stuff, and flys from planet to planet. He's trying to save the universe from this guy called "The King of Darkness", who is trying to take over the universe or something from a place called The Eternal Void. Something like that.

Vance: About what part in it's development is the game? What are you working on now?

Andrew: I'm currently working on the shop. However, it is quite difficult to program, and its starting to get confusing, because theres way too many things in the code to keep track of at once. However, I will say that I got the basic system now, just some things such as when your inventory is full, it asks you if you want to swap the item you bought with an item in your inventory, or cancel buying the item. The swapping system is quite glitched right now.
Heres an older screenshot of the shop:

Vance: Sounds good. Do you have any last words on Rocketman 2?

Andrew: Nope. That's pretty much it

Vance: Alright. Do you have any approximate dates for demos of either game?

Andrew: As for Chaos Heaven, I would actually say that the demo might be ready within the next week. As for Rocketman, I cant say. Theres still much to be done.

Vance: Okay. Anything else you'd like to say?

Andrew: Nope.
However, any questions or comments:
AIM: AndrewFMs
MSN: pnqpnq@hotmail.com
YIM: pnqnqnp@yahoo.com

Vance: Alright then, bye.

Andrew: Bye.

Some lines run off the page, might wanna fix that.

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