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Thursday, July 20, 2006 

Radnom Games Article, by NzC

Hey, there! Boy, have we got a lot going on. We're finally going strong again, with plenty of articles to work with. We just need all of our readers to join up at the forums, GMIF, and chat a little bit there. Anyway, let me continue

This is not an interview. In fact, it's more of an article. I happen to like this style of writing more than an interview, but that's just me. If you like it, or hate it, goto our forums and let us know what you think about it. There may be a poll there already or you can start your own.

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NOTE- I decided to do more of an article this time around, to kind of throw in something different. The actual original interview with Radnom will be published on the GMI forums, so log on and go check it out!

Okay, I’m back w/ a new interview with Radnom Games on one of his latest games, DDDEVASTATIONNN. This game made its debut in the Game Projects forum of the GMG on July 8th, and much progress has been made since then. Its gameplay was influenced by the Contra game series, and it deliberately has no HUD (that’s “heads up display” for those of you who can’t keep up with the acronyms).
The Contra series is a well-known shoot ‘em up game produced by Konami since its first installment in 1987. This series, (along with a few others like “Metal Slug”) pretty much defined the entire genre of scrolling shooters.
With this background information, it was easy to understand when Radnom told me that DDDEVASTIONNN was really a “love it or hate it” game.
“Because it is original, yet reminiscent of the old hardcore shooter games like Contra,” Radnom says, “Which themselves are 'Love 'em or hate 'em' games. There are the casual gamers who won't be able to really get their full enjoyment out of DDDevastationnn and there are the gamers who don't like the idea of game almost completely stripped of all the 'necessities', a HUD, a menu and 'proper' sprites and graphics. I think the game will only truly appeal to those like me who have played and enjoyed games like Contra for what they are. Then again, I'm not making Contra. DDDevastationnn will be different enough to stand out, hopefully.”
It appears so. Along with a demo, you can also watch a Flash trailer for DDDEVASTATION (that looks cool in all Caps). I asked Radnom if he was going to involve Flash cut scenes, and he told me, “I plan to make DDDEVASTATIONNN so that the control is never taken away from the player... the character will always be on the screen, there won't be any parts where the control is taken away for a cutscene... if there are any cutcenes you will be free to move normally in them. In fact, there won't even be a menu, or even an in-game help file. The instuctions will be given in the game, and there will be no need for a menu because I will make the game autosave at the start of each level, meaning once you've beaten a level you should never have to beat it again.”
After playing the demo it was noticeable what difficulty Radnom was aiming for. “Hard,” he said simply. There’s no health or health bar, when you run into an enemy it’s pretty much over for you.
Now, in the game you have a primary weapon and a secondary weapon. I asked Radnom how many weapons there will be. So far three are planned (although technically it’s six, since each weapon has a secondary weapon). Those weapons are:
- Assault rifle (with homing rockets as a secondary weapon)
- Flamethrower (with grenades)
- Plasma weapon that shoots beams (undecided secondary weapon)
“I wanted to go for a smaller amount of weapons because then I can make each weapon completely useful in its own way,” Radnom told me. “If I went for a huge amount of weapons it would be very hard to balance them, it would be very hard to quickly scroll though and find the right weapon in a hurry, and they would all be very similar.”
Very true, Radnom Games, and thanks for being interviewed!
But we’ve hardly covered everything Radnom and I talked about! Don’t you want to hear some exclusive updates on Grenade Boy and Mechbot (games I have already interviewed him about)? Do you want to check out the EXCLUSIVE DEMO of Radnom’s latest brawl game in the works, “Gorilla Madness”? Do you want to see the original interview with Radnom Games with all of the information he gave about DDDEVASTATION?! Well, of you answered “yes!” to any of these things, head over to GMIF (the GMI Forum, there’s a link on the little bar to the right) and check them out!

My paragraphs need to be furtherly seperated, it looks like one long paragraph. Otherwise, thanks for putting it up.

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