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Tuesday, July 25, 2006 

Interview with tapeworm by Jabberwock!

Hey there! Jabberwock, our first Freelance Writer, has submitted his first article. Yes, we are still looking for maybe one more freelance writer, so, if you think you can do it and if you really want this, join our forums which is linked to all over the place, mainly on the right, though. Anyway, here's the interview!

1. Besides the three projects we've all seen on your site, do you have any that you're working on?

Not really. I have lots of game fragments that might turn into something, but I try not to let myself work on too many projects at the same time. And I can’t really say that I’m working on Ambleek—I haven’t touched it since 2003. My current active projects (though not active enough) are Avaus and Velella.

2. Which of your projects is currently taking up the most of your time?

Avaus has been my main focus for the past year or so. That year hasn’t been as productive as I might have liked in the area of game creation, though.

3. Since, judging from your previous work, you're normally a solo developer, what has it been like working with Darthlupi on Velella?

We don’t really have set roles, but pass the source code back and forth and add or change whatever we want to. Each of us has areas of the game that we sort of own, but even that isn’t very strict. Our artistic visions for the game (and, in many ways, for game making in general) are similar, so we haven’t really had any major creative differences.

4. What are your contributions to Velella?

The closest I could come to naming specific aspects of the game I’ve focused on would be to describe some areas—that is, themes, tilesets, and level designs. The basic engine is mostly Darthlupi’s work, but other than that we both work on everything.

5. So far, we haven't heard much about your game Avaus. Can you tell us a bit about the game (style, story, etc.)?

I couldn’t tell the story even if I wanted to; I still have several directions I might take it. The basic premise is that people and animals have been mysteriously disappearing. Some scientists eventually track a few of the taken creatures and are able to open a portal to where they end up. The protagonist pilots a special ship to the other side, which appears to be a sort of dream world.

I started Avaus because I wanted to create a space shooter. But that’s such an established genre that I don’t think I could contribute anything worthwhile if I didn’t combine it with some other mechanics and ideas. So I also made it an exploration game. You pilot the ship for most of the game, but you can also be able to get out and walk around in many places.

This game will probably look similar in a lot of ways to my other projects. The game world will be very large. I’m trying something a little more ambitious than I have in the past for music. Finally, I have some ideas related to breaking out of video game formulas. If I take these ideas as far as I’m considering taking them, then Avaus might end up pretty strange and maybe kind of irritating.

Sorry to be vague about some of these things, but I don’t like to spoil a game or to discuss plans that I haven't yet realized.

6. Ambleek has also been a bit under wraps- besides the demo, we don't know much about it. Can you give us some information on it? What is the storyline, if any?

So far, the demo is all there is to the game. The rest is just ideas. I don’t think Ambleek will have a storyline, but assuming I finish it, it will include elements from a dream I had many years ago and also elements from a sort of comic strip I drew—also many years ago.

7. Do you have an idea of when your next game will be complete?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to say. I had expected both Velella and Avaus to be done by now. All I can say for sure is that those two games will be finished—they are much too large to abandon. Unless I make another small game or two in the meantime, I think that Avaus will be my next release. Or maybe Velella, if we suddenly get motivated again in the near future.

8. Lastly, do you have any new screenshots or other content to show us?

Sure, here are a couple Avaus screenshots—ones that aren’t especially revealing, of course.



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