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Tuesday, July 18, 2006 

Interview with Exo_Kopaka by Cigaro

Yet another long drought without an article... the forums are dying and so is the site... at least, that's what you thought. Cigaro has helped out by interviewing exo_kopaka.

But that reminds me, we have hired a freelance writer! Say hello to Jabberwock! (No, really, say 'hello' out loud. He can hear you.) I've already said enough to Jabberwock about the job, and I only have one thing left to say to him: "C++"

Anyway, if you want to be a freelance writer, come to our forums at http://z7.invisionfree.com/gmi and join up and submit an application! We also have exclusive articles and screenshots for forum members and plenty of article and off-topic chat for you there. But, no more small talk. Here's the article:

Cigaro:How does it feel to have possibly two of the most hyped games at the moment?

Exo: Having the two most hyped games is excellent. With the players wanting to play my game, they act of somewhat as a foundation, so later when I release a new game, everyone will want to play it. Somewhat of steps for a giant staircase to something big.

Cigaro:After spendind so long on these games, when can we expect a demo/full game?

Exo: I don't think anyone should expect a demo. A video, maybe, screenshots, a must, but not a demo. The player should not be able to press buttons, but to infer the gameplay and awe at the game, so when it comes, they would be more excited than ever. As for the full game, that will come in time. You can never place a due date on a game, because then the entire production will feel rushed, even though you have like another month.

Cigaro:Where did you get your inspiration for these games?

Exo: Many think that I made Halo: Lone Spartan out of being a fan of Halo and trying to make a good fan game. However, its not like that at all. It started long ago, with my first experience with SuckBox and Halo. Me and my cousins played it, but I was dying to play more (I didn't have an SuckBox at the time). So I created Halo: Revised, where it was created all from memory. My cousin played it over and over, even though I only had 7 levels or so. It was also my first sucessful platformer. So I decided to remake it, when I stumbled upon Rayg's sprites, and asked him if I could used him. So, its kinda like a small game I created to something entirely large, just to bring an old friend a smile.

As for Black Silhouette, that started even longer ago. After playing Rouge Spear for Dreamcast, which was a very limited multiplayer shooter, but was fun for what we had at the time, I decided to make a recreation of it, but instead, add a twist. It was to include Metal Gear like style of gameplay, which was one of the games I really enjoyed at the time. Not only that, but it was also suppose to include characters like the Ghost unit on Star Craft. Later, I decided to scrap the idea, and make a two player co-op game, but instead of using rifles and machine guns (like what was inteded for GATT), I decided to limit them to only pistols, like that on Splinter Cell. I left that game alone for a while, and started a ninja game, where it was influenced by Tenchu 2: Birth of the Assassins. Later, after playing the next Tenchu installment, other games, and watching movies, I decided to use my Mecha War engine, and create a stealth game out of it. The idea sparked Black Silhouette, where I took everything from GATT to the ninja game, merged them together, and created something even bigger. I knew I wouldn't finish them, even though they were really good ideas.

Cigaro:What features will be implemented into the games?

Exo: Anything I see on movies and games that I think need improvement, things I like, and things that make it a sucess, I add into my games somehow, and try my best to make it better. For example, I loved the stealth system of Metal Gear Solid and the ninja action of Tenchu, so I placed those into Black Silhouette.

Cigaro:Do you have any unreleased screenshots/info that your ninja purposes wouldn't mind sharing?

Exo: Of course I will release more info and screenshots, but that should be answered over time, to keep the entire audience wanting more, kind of like trying to keep a ball in the air even though gravity doesn't want it to. smile.gif

Cigaro:Any last comments about your game?

Exo: They are all based on past experiences and more. I love making them because after creating something so big from a small idea, or ideas in most cases, and letting everyone see and play my creation. I try my best to get recognized and at least get a rating from the judges. They all have been great, and I try to keep them diverse based on things I see or do.

Cigaro:How does it feel to work so long on a game knowing that most GM games dont make it past a few weeks?

Exo: I have a strong tolerance when it comes to game making. Normally, when people have an idea, they make a game on it, but never finish it. I think clearly through it and make a strong game from the idea. And if anything arrises that catches my mind and I want to start a new project on it, I will try to work my way around it and try to implement that feature in my games. I see how many games recieve reviews, and that is what I am aiming for, but it kind of ticks me off when its something you could whip up in three days, when my projects take months to even years.

Final Message: My games are to be diverse as possible to spark intrest in those who like that, or for those who haven't even been exposed to it. I try my best to even get a rating, for everyone to enjoy my idea from my head, and for the satisfaction for my hard work and dedication that really paid off. For the future of my game making? Well, I guess we will have to just find out. smile.gif