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Saturday, July 08, 2006 

Danse Machina Remake, Interview With Malaika by Venom

Yes, we are becoming active again! Several articles are ready/in the works, so don't worry about weeks of pause. At the most, for the next while, there should only be a day or two's pause. Keep reading, friends, we are working our way out of this hole! Keep coming back to our forums (GMIF)!

We've got a special interview with Malaika about their new re-make, Danse Machina. Also, for GMIF members, you will all get exclusive screenshots not yet released. Want to see these screens but not a GMIF member? Then join the forum and you can see! Just be sure to be active. ;)

GMI: Okay, so first off, you're working on a remake of Danse Machina. Why?

Malaika: Well, the original Danse Machina, which I stopped developing last year, was a bit of a disappointment. I've always been a big fan of robot action, and I felt it was my responsibility to do it right this time.

GMI: So what are you chaning for this version?

Malaika: Pretty much everything. The graphics have had a total overhaul, I've altered the characters and the storyline to be more interesting, and I've taken a new direction in level design. There were many elements in the previous version, like the level and user-interface design, that really dragged the game down. This time around, I'm prepared for it, and those are the elements I'm focusing on most.

GMI: So you're confident this will be a much better game?

Malaika: It's already a much better game, and I've been working on it 1/10 as long!

GMI: When will this game be released?

Malaika: I'm thinking by the end of the year. There's a lot of work to be done with the levels and story, but the crux of the game is essentially complete.

GMI: Are you going to release any demos or trailers at all?

Malaika: I already have a demo, which runs through the tutorial, and gives a sneak-peek at the first level. You can get that here: http://64digits.com/games/index.php?cmd=view_game&id=673

Other demos will follow - hopefully with a little more content.

GMI: Is anyone helping you with this game?

Malaika: Nope, I'm doing it all. Although, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Nobody for the graphical inspiration. It's made a big difference.

GMI: So... tell me, exactly, what is this game and what do you want it to be like?

Malaika: Danse Machina is essentially a top-down shooter. You take control of a robot, which can be fitted with different weapons in the two hardpoints. It's heavily character-driven. Gabrielle (your character) is thrown into a conspiracy which jeopardises the peace of the galaxy, and the only thing that can keep her alive is her own dark past.

I'm basically combining two games for this one. The first is an old arcade shooter from '96 called The Machines, which is where I got the gameplay inspiration from. And the story and basic level inspiration comes vaguely from Deus Ex. It has the atmosphere I want to capture in my own game - the story, characters, puzzles, etc.
Mala'ika says:
So expect arcade action, with a uniquely deep storyline!

Thanks, Malaika! And remember, screenshots provided exclusively by Malaika can be found on the GMI Forums, but only if you're a member! Other than that, expect a new article up in a day or two! Thanks for reading!