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Saturday, July 08, 2006 

Cactus, Interview with Tokyoma

Yes! We are finally back up and running smoothly again. Articles are coming out frequently and without much pause. I'm thinking we can keep this up with a little effort, and maybe, if need be, help from some outside sources.

Nonetheless, I've got a new article ready for you all to see! Normally, we cover games in the 'Games Projects' section, but this time, I headed into the 'Game Ideas' section. There, I found Tokyoma and their 'seeeeeeeeeeeecret' game. Of course, I don't like secrets, so I decided to get all the info. Or some, anyway. Here it is, for everyone to read!

GMI:To start off, why is this game a secret?
Tokyoma: The main reason I tried to keep Cactus such a secret is to toy with Cactus a little, give him a little taste of his own medicine. But also because I think it will be more of a success if released when it's pretty much finished. This way more people are excited about a suprise and give me more drive to work hard to make it a good suprise.

GMI: So the name is Cactus? Is it about cactus?
Tokyoma: In a sense yes, it is about the Cactus we all know and love. But also.. It's more like.. I gave the Cactus we all know.. a story... a tale... Something interesting and fun, yet still represents and has a feel to it much like that of a game that Cactus himself would enjoy.

GMI: When will it be done? The suspense is killing a lot of people!
Tokyoma: The release date is still ticking down on the very first post I made about the game. I believe the official day is July 15th at midnight.

GMI: Are you going to release anything more than just hints? Like maybe screenshots or a demo?
Tokyoma: No demo, possibly a screen shot or two. Just to tease.

GMI: Well now we should get down to the game. What's it like?
Tokyoma: Hmm.. For the most part it follows a sort of Action/Puzzle game tone, but there's a lot more to it than that. To be honest, when it's completed... It will probably span across at least 4 to 5 different generes.

GMI: How long do you think it'll take to beat it?
Tokyoma: I can't honestly say. It's too early to tell how long it will be.

GMI: Other than the main game, will there be any special features or extras?
Tokyoma: Possibly one or two secret endings and some secrets around the game and allusions to Cactus and his games.

GMI: What game (professional or Game Maker) would you compare your game to, if you had to?
Tokyoma: To be honest, it KIND of makes me think about Cactus's Retro Adventure. But still pretty different. I can't really say that there's much to compare it to that I know of.

GMI: Is there anything you can tell us, GMI, that you haven't told the general public yet?
Tokyoma: Would anything that I tell GMI be released to the public anyway? Heheh.. Anyway, I supose that I could reveal that it has cool music. Heheh.. But on a more serious note, It will probably be rather difficult concidering one hit results in instant death. However, the game automatically saves after you enter anyroom.

GMI: I think that's it. Anything else?
Tokyoma: The game will retail at about $235 a copy.
Tokyoma: Ahaha, totally kidding

Thanks a lot, Tokyoma! There it is, friends! I hope you liked it! Be sure to join our forums, which we link to all over the place here.