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Thursday, July 06, 2006 

Black Silhouette Fact Sheet, by ronnoc

Yes... it's been a long time. Again. Sorry for all of this! We'll be trying to pick activity back up really really soon. We've got some great ideas in the works. We hope to get some readers back and even some forum members back. :)

ronnoc has submitted his first article! It's not an interview, rather, it's a fact sheet for Black Silhouette by exo_kopaka. So, please read it. The come to the forums and talk about it!

It’s the ronski! Bit too lazy to interview someone, so I complied a fact sheet about the wonderful Black Silhouette, by Exo_Kopaka. Thanks to Exo_Kopaka for the input.

Name: Black Silhouette
Development time: Two years
Genre: Stealth/Adventure
Known moves:
-9 Ninpo Abilities
-2 Aerial Attacks
-Submachine Gun

Locations: Various places around the globe.

Misc. info:
-Multiple endings
-Lock-on system
-Ads: On 14 members sigs.
-Lots of items

From Exo_Kopaka:
There will be 50 mini-levels that you need passwords to unlock. That is just a minor part in this game.
I am also slowly putting together pictures for a "behind the scenes" on how much work has gone into this game. I believe its the only isometric stealth game on GMG, so I better make it good!

-Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rouge Spear
-Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2
-Tenchu II: Birth of the Assassins
-Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
-Splinter Cell
-Star Craft
-Hitman 2
-and a whole lot more...

Known weapons:
Sword, HKMP5K-SD, Shurikens, Grenades (smoke and frag), and Berret Sniper.

People in on the game:
Exo_Kopaka(graphics, coding, and everything) and cornandbeans(music). Hopefully Tokyoma(AI).

The Intro is being released as a teaser. Intro mini fact sheet:

Intro size:
700kb in GMD form

Completion Log:
05.27.06- Added most of Scene 3 of the intro.
05.31.06- Finished Scene 3 and Scene 4.
06.10.06- Finished Scene 5. Began production on portraits.
06.13.06- Finished 4 Portraits. (Yoru, Riku, Takeda, and Koji)
06.14.06- Finished 2 Portraits. (Megumi, Hawk)
06.15.06- Amazingly, I finished 2 Portraits. (Steve, Natasha)
06.16.06- Yeah! I finished 4 Portraits! (Kage, Damein, Kara, and Mr.President)
06.17.06- Finished a scene for the intro. Also made some changes with the particle effects on the intro. I worked on (50%) of the city scape (Hong Kong), which takes forever to do...
06.22.06- I finished the city scape and fixed up the intro a bit. Thats about all.
06.24.06- Finished Scene 6 and 7.
06.30.06- Managed to squeeze in Scene 8.
07.01.06- Finished Scene 9. Started on Scene 10. Almost done!
07.02.06- Added some really cool particle effects. Also made soldiers have more lighting effects.
07.03.06- Finished Scene 10 and 11. Added Haiku, boats, more effects, and a new background. Soon.


That's my fave gun :D

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