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Tuesday, June 06, 2006 


Well, I'm going on vacation. I'm leaving later today for Orlando and coming back next Tuesday. But that doesn't mean I won't be publishing any articles during that time! I'm taking my laptop with me, but it's really slow so I am not entirely sure how much I can do, but I WILL try.

So, because we don't have an article ready yet, I'm going to talk about our new forum we set up and what you can be expecting. Just know that all planned editorial content is subject to change.

Two days ago (6/4/06), I set up a new forum for the staff (ronnoc and NerdzClub) and I to talk things out and plan articles with greater ease. I also had the idea of allowing other GMI readers to join and chat amongst themselves. It is now a 17 member site with 205 posts! You can goto the forum here. It's got an article chat, an off topic, a Game Maker help and creation area, and a whole bunch more. I'd be delighted to see more readers join and it'd be great if our members we have now told their friends about GMI in hopes to get even more readers and forum members!

We also need a moderator to keep things under control, so we (the staff and I) can concentrate on the content for the blog. So if you think you have what it takes, join up, make a few posts and get known, and check out the topic about Moderation Positions and apply. Everyone has a fair chance at getting the job.

But enough about the forum. Coming up, you can expect articles about your favorite game makers, mostly from NerdzClub. These will include: an interview with Mr. Chubigans, Nobody, and Don Arthuro. We're still trying to get something for ronnoc, and he may take one of NerdzClub's articles and do it himself. As always, I'll be doing an article or two here or there, also.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we'll get a few articles and updates this week while I'm gone!