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Sunday, June 04, 2006 

Make-A-Call, Interview with noobfarm

Haha, here we go. Make-A-Call (MAC) has been greatly hyped until some members basically proved the project impossible. But I don't feel like explaining 6 pages of controversy to you. Read the interview.

GMI: So there has been a lot of controversy over whether MAC is real. Is it?
noobfarm: Yes MAC is real.
GMI: Can you prove this?
noobfarm: Well, yes. Im not saying that you can come and PM me asking for MAC and i'll give it to you. But yes I can prove this.
GMI: How?
noobfarm: How? Posibley a demo, or maybe a video of me calling someone. Or I can tell how it works. But for me to tell people how it works they would have to work at A2 Gamespot (a2gamespot.tripod.com)
GMI: How do you get a job there?
noobfarm: Well, you can simply talk to me by, PM'ing me on GMG or Talking to me on AIM: Tutandusflander
GMI: What can you do in Make-A-Call?
noobfarm: You can call people and you can program into 5 numbers for "Flash Dial"
GMI: When will MAC be finished? Do you have a release date?
noobfarm: Well it should be somtime around the end of the summer(a little before september) becuase I have pushed it to the bottom of my "To do" list becuase GMG does not support the project.
GMI: Will you release a demo at all?
noobfarm: Maybe. Im not quite sure at this point.

We are still looking for staff! Recently, ronnoc just joined and is going to start working on some material soon, and NerdzClub has just finished an interview with Radnom Games, which will be published soon!

HEY! thanks for publishing it!

haha, this made me laugh.
The first paragraph explained it all. The topic that ruined this game's hype is here:
It's funny watching everything slowly go downhill. Ah, well.

No, that's the most recent string. The real one that killed it is here:


Either way. It's dead. XD


The noobs getting angry!

Make a call isn't real.
Nobofarm, ur a noob.

Actually it can work if he made some sort of DLL. Noobfarm is on to something with MaC. I can't wait till it comes out!

No he isnt, do you tibk the government would be happy with the phone lines being filled up with free phone calls?
Even if this was theoretically possible with GM (he owuld probably need a dial-up server for people without dial-up) it would likely be shut down.

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