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Monday, June 05, 2006 

Interview With Radnom Games, by NerdzClub

Well, here we are with another interview. I'm glad that I finally picked up some staff (NerdzClub and ronnoc) to help carry the load. NerdzClub has been doing a wonderful job and has surprised me a lot. I'm sure ronnoc will be the same. But, without further ado, a look into Radnom Games' mind:

Interview with Radnom Games – By NerdzClub

NerdzClub here again. This time I was lucky enough to get an interview in with Radnom Games. RG’s two most anticipated games, Mechbot and Grenade Boy, are pretty much my favorite shooters in development, so needless to say, I didn’t have any trouble finding questions to ask. The only question I didn’t ask was where he got the name Radnom Games, but alas, it’s too late anyway for such a question anyway. Onward to the interview [Note: I use brackets to clear things up, they weren’t in the original interview.]!

NerdzClub: Okay, Radnom Games, what was your inspiration for Grenade Boy and Mechbot? How did you come up with them?

Radnom Games: Inspiration for Mechbot: Well when I started Mechbot the whole 'TDS' [Note: TDS=Top Down Shooter, for those unfamiliar with the lingo] craze hadn't started at the GMC [Game Maker Community] yet, so at the time it was a fairly unexplored market. I also decided that I would try something different from a basic platformer which, at the time, was pretty much the only sort of game I made. Mechbot's inspiration mainly came from my love of robots, explosions and fighting off hordes of weak enemies.

Inspriration for Grenade Boy: GB's inspiration came from the fact that in all games, with, I think, no exceptions, grenades are always the side dish. For once I wanted, just to be different, for grenades to be the main course. I made it a platform shooter as I love making them. Because at the time I didn't really feel like animating a detailed player sprite, I just made GB a circle dude. Kinda simple, but it means I can spend more time on gameplay instead of the graphic side.

NzC: Do you have any unreleased/exclusive screenshots to show our readers?

RG: Not for these games, sorry.

NzC: Which game is your favorite? Which will be released first? When can we expect them to be done?

RG: My favourite [sic. British spelling]? Agh, that's a hard one. All of my games have emotional ties with me, and in my head, they're all special. It's like trying to choose one of your children as the best, it just feels wrong.
I have actually got about 5 or so main projects, along with about 10 mini-projects, and each is worth continuing, I just don't have the time.
I'm not sure when any of the games will be finished... I know I will have one game done by the end of the month, but it's not one that anyone apart from me has heard of yet.

NzC: Do you have any exclusive info about these games?

It's going to have a Campaign mode, a skirmish mode, a 'secrets' mode (by finding things in the campaign you gain codes to unlock little things) and a level editor+campaign editor (if things go to plan).

Grenade Boy:
It's going to have cutscenes, many, many types of enemies, many more types of grenades and vehicles in the full version.
I've recently finished the HUD for GB but may change it later. I have made three new types of grenades: Cluster, Stick and Beehive.
Also, pressing J in the game turns you into one of my designs for a vehicle. That is in the current demo.

Other projects include (in order of completedness [sic.]):
- 360 Smash
- Redemption: Hacker
- Smile Arena
- Save The World
- Venality
- Monkey Madness
- Dogfight
- Xplode [sic. Well, I guess anyone would figure he spelled it differently, but that’s deliberate. It’s the name of the game. You get it.]
(these are the games that I still work on every now and then)

NzC: Now specifically for Grenade Boy...
- What made you decide to make it so violent in the recent demo?
- How exactly did Grenade Boy get his grenades? Is there some kind of legend behind his name? Care to give us any hints or anything like that?
- Come to think of it, how did GB's "Rage Mode" originate?

RG: The game got really violent because... well I'm not sure. It could have been a happy children’s platformer with grenades, but I decided that gory games just appeal to me more. It's definitely more mature than some of my other games, but I will make a 'child-friendly' version of the final game (and maybe a 'directors cut' with even more gore).
The other questions will be explained in cutscenes in the final version (and are hinted in the F1 help menu of the demo).

NzC: Now onto Mechbot:

[QUOTE from Mechbot String on GMG forum]

I'm just saying that this demo (DEMO 11) is the final demo, the next thing I release will be the final version.

I am working on cutscenes and storylines, new enemies, new modes, secrets and hidden minigames, vehicles, better ally control, new ally units, improved map editor, campaign editor (maybe), plenty of stuff to keep the game great.”

NzC: Great! How's that coming along? Any new enemies/modes/vehicles /etc. you'd like to reveal? Any screenshots of them?

RG: Well actually progress on Mechbot is really slow. I've been working on many of my other projects (Venality is what I've been working on mainly recently) and then there's school which takes up far too much of my time.

What I have done, though, I'd rather keep a secret until the final release.

NzC: Okay, thanks for taking this interview!

RG: No problem, and if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.
[Note: At this point, I would have asked him where he got his interesting name, but it was late at night and I had set myself a deadline to finish this story tonight on time like a professional. And I probably sound completely unprofessional admitting that, but whatever.]
Thanks, Radnom Games!

Thanks, NerdzClub! I'm sure our readers will greatly appreciate this piece of fine work you've done here. But now onto other matters. I have recently (yesterday) put up a forum for GMI, mainly for the staff and I to talk, when I thought, 'It'd be nice to open it up to the public, just in case they want to chat about GMI.'

Specifically, it's got an Article Chat, where you can talk to other users about your favorite articles, it's got a GMI Suggestions place, which is self-explanatory, a nomination and game submission area, where you can nominate games for coverage or submit your own to a staff member. It's got an off-topic and just a whole bunch more, and it'd be great if you all give it a look, join up, and post a little.

You can get to the forum by going to http://z7.invisionfree.com/gmi

Thanks for reading and I wish everyone well!