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Friday, June 09, 2006 

Interview with Nobody about Smallness, written by NerdzClub

Well well well! Sorry for being so inactive here, but the forums (GMIF) have been really active! That, and I'm on vacation, so please forgive me! But we've cranked out a new interview... this time with Nobody. It's called Smallness, and, well, you can read about it in the actual article.

NerdzClub here. I got my interview with Nobody, one of the most influential GMG members of all time, about one of his latest and most hyped games, Smallness. Shortly after he revealed his artistic exploration game, clones and copies sprung up all around GMG. What is he doing about that? Well, he’s changing Smallness altogether. Read on to find out more!

NzC: Okay, where did you get the idea for smallness?
Nobody: I looked at the gmpixel banner, and thought, hey, it would be awesome to actually walk trough that! So well, I basicly made that...

NzC: What kind of locations do you play through?
Nobody: Anything I want. Currently there is this all-known starting room, and the caves, after that there will be a snowy part, with a village. But this part of the game isn't planned at the beginning anymore. It actually isn't in the same dimension of the full game!

NzC: Any enemies or obstacles to speak of? Are there any planned?
Nobody: They are planned. That's all I will say. Smallness got a kinda new concept, because I thought there were too manby copies around. I want it to be unique. Anyway, something enemy-like is indeed planned. Expect hunting. (Won't say more about that.)

NzC: Do you have any exclusive/never-before-seen screenshots to show us?
Nobody: Smallness concept got totally changed, but for you guys, here is a little sneak-peak:

[Note that it's not ingame, but just a raw sketch of a level.]

NzC: When do you expect for it to be out?
Nobody: Well, probably not very soon. Expect 2007/2008... Demos will come though. :)

NzC: Do you have anything else to say about Smallness?
Nobody: Well, expect the "remix" to be even more awesome!
And one thing: The new version is called for now:

Smallness: After

Some quotes from comments in your Nobody’s Blog:
"Nobody Says:

May 15th, 2006 at 12:06 pm
”Smallness is just kinda on-hold, but I’ll continue it. Slowly, but steady. Too good too cancel. “

Nobody Says:

May 29th, 2006 at 3:54 pm
”Probably gonna redo smallness. :O "

Thanks, Nobody! It looks like Smallness is being remade, and Nobody’s vision is as unique as ever.

Hey Venom, the last two lines have the link to the screenshot. You should have taken that out :0 !

Again, nice interview. :)

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