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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 

Interview with Mr. Chubigans, by NerdzClub

Mr. Chubigans is likely one of the greatest individual Gamemaker game programmers of all time. In the six years that Vertigo Games has been around, Mr. Chubigans has been a pioneering programmer. He was one of the founding fathers of the original Game Maker Community, (it apparently later closed as it was then) and he won 4th place in the first ever official Game Maker Competition with “Prisms of Light”. Since then he has created smash hits such as Ore No Ryomi (it won a perfect 10 at Squackle.com) and eventually Sandbox of God, possibly his most recognized game. Liquisity, Ore No Ryomi 2 (won the “Top Dog” award at the-underdogs.com), Prisms of Light 2 (scored a perfect 100 at the gamingw.net), Helicopter Cacophony 2 (perfect 10 at GM Review Database), and others are all made in these five years and have all been critically acclaimed. Again and again Mr. Chubigans has created true quality Gamemaker games, which he has done again with Vivid Conceptions, his newest platformer. Here, I (NerdzClub) got the chance to interview this outstanding Gamemaker, so here goes.

NerdzClub: Where did you get the name Mr. Chubigans?

Mr. Chubigans: From a TV show called Freakazoid actually...it had a really fat cat named Mr.Chubigans, and I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.

NzC: How did you come up with Sandbox of God and Vivid Conceptions?

Mr. Chubigans: Sandbox of God was inspired by eyemaze's "GROW" flash game, and I thought it was a great concept to really flesh out. Vivid Conceptions was actually going to be a Pikmin 2D type thing, but I realized that wasn’t going to work all that well and it spun into something completely different. Whether I made the right decision or not is hard to say; I do think Vivid Conceptions isn't my best game, but a step into more professional territory.

NzC: Which of all of your games is your favorite to play? Which was your favorite to make?

Mr. C: Oh man...I’d have to say Liquisity, since that one is purely user interaction. Other games I already know what the computer AI is gonna do, solutions to levels, etc...but Liquisity is all skill, and I still pop that one in every now and then. As far as favorite to make...Vivid Conceptions was actually. That's probably the most telling point: if a game is a horrible, horrible experience to make (like Ore no Ryomi 2 and Sandbox of God was) it will probably turn out great in the end. I might have had too much fun making VC. :)

NzC: What games are you currently working on?

Mr. C: We're getting the ball rolling on Ore no Ryomi 3 this summer, though I’ve been busy writing for IGN as a freelancer. We're gonna start doing a weekly flash game segment for them and it’ll turn out pretty neat I hope. It’s still under negotiations as of right now though.

And I am toying the idea of combining Helicopter Cacophony 3 and Liquisity together and making a game...I have an engine and everything. We'll see how that goes. :)

NzC: When do you expect them to be done?

Mr. C: I probably wont do any more release date things, since they always come back to haunt me. A March release of VC ended up a late May release, so watch for ONR3 to be a holiday release hopefully. It will be our first shareware game.

NzC: When can we expect a sequel to Sandbox of God? What happened to the working title "Sandbox of God 2: Paradise"?

Mr. C: SOG works as a small game, but in a huge scope with multiple eras I don’t think It’ll work...there's so many combinations that it would be nearly impossible to get them all. Its paperware [Note: Paperware basically means that it’s only written down on paper and hasn’t been really made. It’s a nice word] as of now; I know better than to say it won’t ever come out, but it has some tough barriers ahead.

NzC: What's new in Helicopter Cacophony 3?

Mr. C: I’m not gonna say too much about HC3...Him has finished the sprites, I got a debris engine, and now I’m toying with the idea of using these things for something totally different...but we'll see. :)

NzC: What about Ore no Ryomi 3?

Mr. C:
There's tons and tons of work to be done on that, and I’ve been so busy with IGN that its tough getting that ball rolling. Very little work has been done. But I’m confident once we get the outline of the game it will be done fairly soon.

Thanks Mr. Chubigans!

You can go to Mr. Chubigan’s website and discuss stuff in his forums or download his games there: http://www.vertigogaming.net/

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Again, nice interview. :)

That "exclusive thing in forums only" deal is evil though.

lol Thanks.

I thought the Exclusive Articles would be a good way to get some more people to check out our forums :)

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