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Thursday, June 01, 2006 

Interview with Game Fortress - by NerdzClub

I know there hasn't been an update in what seems like ages, but finally I, or should I say 'we', have one. I have decided to sign NerdzClub as a new writer for GMI, and you can expect one or two articles a week from him. He got an inside interview with Game Fortress about 4 upcoming games.

Interview with Game Fortress

As my first interview on behalf of GM Insider, I got the honor of interviewing revered game maker Game Fortress. Just last February, GF’s game “The Curse of Kaumaha” was released. It received critical acclaim for its originality, intriguing graphics, and interesting puzzles. “The Curse of Kaumaha” won the Spotlight award for February. Since then, Game Fortress has continued work on a handful of projects all at once, apparently with others yet to be announced. I got the chance to ask him a few questions about his games, here we go:

NerdzClub: You're currently working on four games at once right? (Isn’t it Magnetic, Aqua Artist Colorful Virtual Aquarium, Pokemon Twilight, and Blackwater?) Are there any others you are working on?

GameFortress: Blackwater is the main project I am working on at the moment. The other games listed are either side projects (like Magnetic), old projects I plan to revisit later (Aqua Artist) or just for fun (Pokemon Twilight). I have many more game concepts in progress, but none of them have moved into official production.

NzC: Which do you work on the most? Which one is your favorite?

GF: It depends on my mood. Blackwater is easily my most ambitious project so far, and in terms of the grand scheme, I would have to say it is my favorite. It is a massive amount of work to put together an RPG, so the actual development is less than rosy. I think I have had the most fun putting together Magnetic.

NzC: Do you have any unreleased/exclusive screenshots to give us for the article?

GF: I want to keep Blackwater mostly hush-hush, but I could probably provide a few screenies for Magnetic.

NzC: Could you briefly explain each game? Where did you get these ideas? Inspiration of some kind?

GF: Wow, this could take a while. I guess I will start from the top.
Most people probably know me from my work on Pokemon Twilight. PT was a game I decided to make for two reasons and two reasons only. 1.) Nobody at any of the GM forums seemed to think a quality Pokemon game was possible, and 2.) Pokemon was my childhood fixation and I had always aspired to make my own. Basically, I did it for personal fun. PT is not and will not be my main project in the near future, it’s just for kicks.
Aqua Artist is probably the first game I created that I really liked. I made it a month or so after getting an aquarium full of fish, and the concept seemed to fit really well in a game. The game currently available for download is well over a year old by now, and the first version I ever made is now reaching its 2 year anniversary, so It is a deep rooted game. I really like the concept and I plan to do a total revamp sometime this summer. My programming and graphical skills have increased substantially and it should be a pleasing game experience.
Magnetic was a very spontaneous Idea. It cropped up in my head while I was trying to get asleep last august, and It wouldn’t get out until I got a prototype working. The demo I released on the GMG and GMC nearly a year ago is simply the two day product of that idea. I recently restarted the project because it kicks butt and because I needed to get back into the summer swing before Blackwater. It is really fun to work on, and in a way, I wish I could dwell on in longer. Unfortunately, it will take a back seat for Blackwater for the next few weeks.
Now for the big one, Blackwater. Many people have questioned my judgment with this game. For anyone who has followed it science its release will probably be familiar with the main character, a greenish yellow sea horse looking creature. Spout, as he is called, was the product of some sketches I drew early last year. The game was originally slated for the name “The Legend of Spout” but it was switched to “Blackwater” in January. The game has changed substantially from my original vision. It was meant to be an underwater side scrolling platform with puzzle elements. It has become a much more grandiose project science then. The story has exploded into a plot filled with treachery and deceit, all revolving around the mysterious end of the world, also known as “Blackwater”. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot but for those of you who have played it, expect dramatic changes in the next few weeks with new demos.

NzC: Which game will be out first, you think?

GF: If luck is on my side, it will be Blackwater

NzC: Do you have any exclusive or unreleased info that you'd like to share, or that you're going to share soon?

GF: I don’t know if I should say this so early on, but there is a good chance I may work on an MMORPG, after the success of PT over the net, but it will NOT be a Pokemon game.

Thanks a lot, NerdzClub! Game Fortress also released a screenshot for Magnetic.

"This is an image earlier on in the game before the little blue guy finds his magnet"

Awesome. Great job, NerdzClub! Best GMI interview so far. :)

Thanks! It was fun to write, too.

Cool! I always liked game fortress games.

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