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Thursday, June 29, 2006 

Interview With Don Arthuro, by Mooseyfates!

Yes... it's been like 2 weeks since the last update. The staff has been busy and lazy. :( But whatever. Let's get on with the real stuff. Mooseyfates has volunteered to do an article, so hopefully this will push the staff to get another one out. But, without further ado, here it is:

GMI: You said this game was like Risk. Do you have any other inspirations for this game?

DA: In fact the game is based on the Total War series. When I played Shogun Total War the first time a long time ago I really thought it was a very nice game.. Then Medieval and Rome Total War followed, and they just got better.. When I discovered Gamemaker I tried to make such a game, but I was far to inexperienced to make it.. After I made a lot of small games, I tried it again, not knowing I would make such a big game out of it.

GMI: When are you planning on releasing it?

DA: I really can't say when it will be released.. It will take a long time complete the AI. It's not as good as i want it to be, but to make it better a lot of testing is required, which takes a lot of time. But since I have vacation now I think I will work on the game a lot more. I'll try to finish it as fast as I can, but I really can't say when it will be released.

GMI: About how long have you worked on this game?

DA: As I said, when I started on it I had no idea what I would make out of it. I don't even know exactly when I started.. I think it was almost a year ago.. I first created a very bad engine.. But while I was trying to add features to it, I got more experienced and found ways to make it better. I also had long breaks when I just lost motivation to work on it. But I always continued after a while..

GMI: What new features can we expect to see in the final version?

DA: The main think I worked on lately was a new system for fleets. Another mayor change is the possibility for every faction to build it's own special building. If you build this you unlock your specialty. Further there will be a lot of changes you as player would hardly notice, like improvement of the AI. I will also add a tutorial, and I want to get some nice music that fits to the game, but i can't make it, so if someone can make good music, please PM me.

GMI: Are all of the graphics made by you?

DA: No, in fact I didn't make any graphics.. The mainmenu and the 'settingsscreen' are made by a friend I know in real [life], B Artistic, and the other graphics are made by Cakesniffer

GMI: Are there any other games you are working on?

DA: No. ATM is Imperial Domination my only project. I worked on some small projects when I was tired of it, but none of them are spectacular.

The new 'Fleet' system

Good job, Moosey!

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