Thursday, June 29, 2006 

Interview With Don Arthuro, by Mooseyfates!

Yes... it's been like 2 weeks since the last update. The staff has been busy and lazy. :( But whatever. Let's get on with the real stuff. Mooseyfates has volunteered to do an article, so hopefully this will push the staff to get another one out. But, without further ado, here it is:

GMI: You said this game was like Risk. Do you have any other inspirations for this game?

DA: In fact the game is based on the Total War series. When I played Shogun Total War the first time a long time ago I really thought it was a very nice game.. Then Medieval and Rome Total War followed, and they just got better.. When I discovered Gamemaker I tried to make such a game, but I was far to inexperienced to make it.. After I made a lot of small games, I tried it again, not knowing I would make such a big game out of it.

GMI: When are you planning on releasing it?

DA: I really can't say when it will be released.. It will take a long time complete the AI. It's not as good as i want it to be, but to make it better a lot of testing is required, which takes a lot of time. But since I have vacation now I think I will work on the game a lot more. I'll try to finish it as fast as I can, but I really can't say when it will be released.

GMI: About how long have you worked on this game?

DA: As I said, when I started on it I had no idea what I would make out of it. I don't even know exactly when I started.. I think it was almost a year ago.. I first created a very bad engine.. But while I was trying to add features to it, I got more experienced and found ways to make it better. I also had long breaks when I just lost motivation to work on it. But I always continued after a while..

GMI: What new features can we expect to see in the final version?

DA: The main think I worked on lately was a new system for fleets. Another mayor change is the possibility for every faction to build it's own special building. If you build this you unlock your specialty. Further there will be a lot of changes you as player would hardly notice, like improvement of the AI. I will also add a tutorial, and I want to get some nice music that fits to the game, but i can't make it, so if someone can make good music, please PM me.

GMI: Are all of the graphics made by you?

DA: No, in fact I didn't make any graphics.. The mainmenu and the 'settingsscreen' are made by a friend I know in real [life], B Artistic, and the other graphics are made by Cakesniffer

GMI: Are there any other games you are working on?

DA: No. ATM is Imperial Domination my only project. I worked on some small projects when I was tired of it, but none of them are spectacular.

The new 'Fleet' system

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 

Interview with Mr. Chubigans, by NerdzClub

Mr. Chubigans is likely one of the greatest individual Gamemaker game programmers of all time. In the six years that Vertigo Games has been around, Mr. Chubigans has been a pioneering programmer. He was one of the founding fathers of the original Game Maker Community, (it apparently later closed as it was then) and he won 4th place in the first ever official Game Maker Competition with “Prisms of Light”. Since then he has created smash hits such as Ore No Ryomi (it won a perfect 10 at and eventually Sandbox of God, possibly his most recognized game. Liquisity, Ore No Ryomi 2 (won the “Top Dog” award at, Prisms of Light 2 (scored a perfect 100 at the, Helicopter Cacophony 2 (perfect 10 at GM Review Database), and others are all made in these five years and have all been critically acclaimed. Again and again Mr. Chubigans has created true quality Gamemaker games, which he has done again with Vivid Conceptions, his newest platformer. Here, I (NerdzClub) got the chance to interview this outstanding Gamemaker, so here goes.

NerdzClub: Where did you get the name Mr. Chubigans?

Mr. Chubigans: From a TV show called Freakazoid had a really fat cat named Mr.Chubigans, and I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.

NzC: How did you come up with Sandbox of God and Vivid Conceptions?

Mr. Chubigans: Sandbox of God was inspired by eyemaze's "GROW" flash game, and I thought it was a great concept to really flesh out. Vivid Conceptions was actually going to be a Pikmin 2D type thing, but I realized that wasn’t going to work all that well and it spun into something completely different. Whether I made the right decision or not is hard to say; I do think Vivid Conceptions isn't my best game, but a step into more professional territory.

NzC: Which of all of your games is your favorite to play? Which was your favorite to make?

Mr. C: Oh man...I’d have to say Liquisity, since that one is purely user interaction. Other games I already know what the computer AI is gonna do, solutions to levels, etc...but Liquisity is all skill, and I still pop that one in every now and then. As far as favorite to make...Vivid Conceptions was actually. That's probably the most telling point: if a game is a horrible, horrible experience to make (like Ore no Ryomi 2 and Sandbox of God was) it will probably turn out great in the end. I might have had too much fun making VC. :)

NzC: What games are you currently working on?

Mr. C: We're getting the ball rolling on Ore no Ryomi 3 this summer, though I’ve been busy writing for IGN as a freelancer. We're gonna start doing a weekly flash game segment for them and it’ll turn out pretty neat I hope. It’s still under negotiations as of right now though.

And I am toying the idea of combining Helicopter Cacophony 3 and Liquisity together and making a game...I have an engine and everything. We'll see how that goes. :)

NzC: When do you expect them to be done?

Mr. C: I probably wont do any more release date things, since they always come back to haunt me. A March release of VC ended up a late May release, so watch for ONR3 to be a holiday release hopefully. It will be our first shareware game.

NzC: When can we expect a sequel to Sandbox of God? What happened to the working title "Sandbox of God 2: Paradise"?

Mr. C: SOG works as a small game, but in a huge scope with multiple eras I don’t think It’ll work...there's so many combinations that it would be nearly impossible to get them all. Its paperware [Note: Paperware basically means that it’s only written down on paper and hasn’t been really made. It’s a nice word] as of now; I know better than to say it won’t ever come out, but it has some tough barriers ahead.

NzC: What's new in Helicopter Cacophony 3?

Mr. C: I’m not gonna say too much about HC3...Him has finished the sprites, I got a debris engine, and now I’m toying with the idea of using these things for something totally different...but we'll see. :)

NzC: What about Ore no Ryomi 3?

Mr. C:
There's tons and tons of work to be done on that, and I’ve been so busy with IGN that its tough getting that ball rolling. Very little work has been done. But I’m confident once we get the outline of the game it will be done fairly soon.

Thanks Mr. Chubigans!

You can go to Mr. Chubigan’s website and discuss stuff in his forums or download his games there:

You can also discuss this article and much more at GMI’s Forums. Check out GMIF (GM Insider Forums) here: Bookmark it!

Also, I have an announcement. In some of my future articles, I may have exclusive material that will be posted on our forums at GMIF only. It’s free to register, and since you’re apparently reading our articles how much could it hurt to talk about them? Sign up now!

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Interview with Nobody about Smallness, written by NerdzClub

Well well well! Sorry for being so inactive here, but the forums (GMIF) have been really active! That, and I'm on vacation, so please forgive me! But we've cranked out a new interview... this time with Nobody. It's called Smallness, and, well, you can read about it in the actual article.

NerdzClub here. I got my interview with Nobody, one of the most influential GMG members of all time, about one of his latest and most hyped games, Smallness. Shortly after he revealed his artistic exploration game, clones and copies sprung up all around GMG. What is he doing about that? Well, he’s changing Smallness altogether. Read on to find out more!

NzC: Okay, where did you get the idea for smallness?
Nobody: I looked at the gmpixel banner, and thought, hey, it would be awesome to actually walk trough that! So well, I basicly made that...

NzC: What kind of locations do you play through?
Nobody: Anything I want. Currently there is this all-known starting room, and the caves, after that there will be a snowy part, with a village. But this part of the game isn't planned at the beginning anymore. It actually isn't in the same dimension of the full game!

NzC: Any enemies or obstacles to speak of? Are there any planned?
Nobody: They are planned. That's all I will say. Smallness got a kinda new concept, because I thought there were too manby copies around. I want it to be unique. Anyway, something enemy-like is indeed planned. Expect hunting. (Won't say more about that.)

NzC: Do you have any exclusive/never-before-seen screenshots to show us?
Nobody: Smallness concept got totally changed, but for you guys, here is a little sneak-peak:

[Note that it's not ingame, but just a raw sketch of a level.]

NzC: When do you expect for it to be out?
Nobody: Well, probably not very soon. Expect 2007/2008... Demos will come though. :)

NzC: Do you have anything else to say about Smallness?
Nobody: Well, expect the "remix" to be even more awesome!
And one thing: The new version is called for now:

Smallness: After

Some quotes from comments in your Nobody’s Blog:
"Nobody Says:

May 15th, 2006 at 12:06 pm
”Smallness is just kinda on-hold, but I’ll continue it. Slowly, but steady. Too good too cancel. “

Nobody Says:

May 29th, 2006 at 3:54 pm
”Probably gonna redo smallness. :O "

Thanks, Nobody! It looks like Smallness is being remade, and Nobody’s vision is as unique as ever.

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Well, I'm going on vacation. I'm leaving later today for Orlando and coming back next Tuesday. But that doesn't mean I won't be publishing any articles during that time! I'm taking my laptop with me, but it's really slow so I am not entirely sure how much I can do, but I WILL try.

So, because we don't have an article ready yet, I'm going to talk about our new forum we set up and what you can be expecting. Just know that all planned editorial content is subject to change.

Two days ago (6/4/06), I set up a new forum for the staff (ronnoc and NerdzClub) and I to talk things out and plan articles with greater ease. I also had the idea of allowing other GMI readers to join and chat amongst themselves. It is now a 17 member site with 205 posts! You can goto the forum here. It's got an article chat, an off topic, a Game Maker help and creation area, and a whole bunch more. I'd be delighted to see more readers join and it'd be great if our members we have now told their friends about GMI in hopes to get even more readers and forum members!

We also need a moderator to keep things under control, so we (the staff and I) can concentrate on the content for the blog. So if you think you have what it takes, join up, make a few posts and get known, and check out the topic about Moderation Positions and apply. Everyone has a fair chance at getting the job.

But enough about the forum. Coming up, you can expect articles about your favorite game makers, mostly from NerdzClub. These will include: an interview with Mr. Chubigans, Nobody, and Don Arthuro. We're still trying to get something for ronnoc, and he may take one of NerdzClub's articles and do it himself. As always, I'll be doing an article or two here or there, also.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we'll get a few articles and updates this week while I'm gone!

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Interview With Radnom Games, by NerdzClub

Well, here we are with another interview. I'm glad that I finally picked up some staff (NerdzClub and ronnoc) to help carry the load. NerdzClub has been doing a wonderful job and has surprised me a lot. I'm sure ronnoc will be the same. But, without further ado, a look into Radnom Games' mind:

Interview with Radnom Games – By NerdzClub

NerdzClub here again. This time I was lucky enough to get an interview in with Radnom Games. RG’s two most anticipated games, Mechbot and Grenade Boy, are pretty much my favorite shooters in development, so needless to say, I didn’t have any trouble finding questions to ask. The only question I didn’t ask was where he got the name Radnom Games, but alas, it’s too late anyway for such a question anyway. Onward to the interview [Note: I use brackets to clear things up, they weren’t in the original interview.]!

NerdzClub: Okay, Radnom Games, what was your inspiration for Grenade Boy and Mechbot? How did you come up with them?

Radnom Games: Inspiration for Mechbot: Well when I started Mechbot the whole 'TDS' [Note: TDS=Top Down Shooter, for those unfamiliar with the lingo] craze hadn't started at the GMC [Game Maker Community] yet, so at the time it was a fairly unexplored market. I also decided that I would try something different from a basic platformer which, at the time, was pretty much the only sort of game I made. Mechbot's inspiration mainly came from my love of robots, explosions and fighting off hordes of weak enemies.

Inspriration for Grenade Boy: GB's inspiration came from the fact that in all games, with, I think, no exceptions, grenades are always the side dish. For once I wanted, just to be different, for grenades to be the main course. I made it a platform shooter as I love making them. Because at the time I didn't really feel like animating a detailed player sprite, I just made GB a circle dude. Kinda simple, but it means I can spend more time on gameplay instead of the graphic side.

NzC: Do you have any unreleased/exclusive screenshots to show our readers?

RG: Not for these games, sorry.

NzC: Which game is your favorite? Which will be released first? When can we expect them to be done?

RG: My favourite [sic. British spelling]? Agh, that's a hard one. All of my games have emotional ties with me, and in my head, they're all special. It's like trying to choose one of your children as the best, it just feels wrong.
I have actually got about 5 or so main projects, along with about 10 mini-projects, and each is worth continuing, I just don't have the time.
I'm not sure when any of the games will be finished... I know I will have one game done by the end of the month, but it's not one that anyone apart from me has heard of yet.

NzC: Do you have any exclusive info about these games?

It's going to have a Campaign mode, a skirmish mode, a 'secrets' mode (by finding things in the campaign you gain codes to unlock little things) and a level editor+campaign editor (if things go to plan).

Grenade Boy:
It's going to have cutscenes, many, many types of enemies, many more types of grenades and vehicles in the full version.
I've recently finished the HUD for GB but may change it later. I have made three new types of grenades: Cluster, Stick and Beehive.
Also, pressing J in the game turns you into one of my designs for a vehicle. That is in the current demo.

Other projects include (in order of completedness [sic.]):
- 360 Smash
- Redemption: Hacker
- Smile Arena
- Save The World
- Venality
- Monkey Madness
- Dogfight
- Xplode [sic. Well, I guess anyone would figure he spelled it differently, but that’s deliberate. It’s the name of the game. You get it.]
(these are the games that I still work on every now and then)

NzC: Now specifically for Grenade Boy...
- What made you decide to make it so violent in the recent demo?
- How exactly did Grenade Boy get his grenades? Is there some kind of legend behind his name? Care to give us any hints or anything like that?
- Come to think of it, how did GB's "Rage Mode" originate?

RG: The game got really violent because... well I'm not sure. It could have been a happy children’s platformer with grenades, but I decided that gory games just appeal to me more. It's definitely more mature than some of my other games, but I will make a 'child-friendly' version of the final game (and maybe a 'directors cut' with even more gore).
The other questions will be explained in cutscenes in the final version (and are hinted in the F1 help menu of the demo).

NzC: Now onto Mechbot:

[QUOTE from Mechbot String on GMG forum]

I'm just saying that this demo (DEMO 11) is the final demo, the next thing I release will be the final version.

I am working on cutscenes and storylines, new enemies, new modes, secrets and hidden minigames, vehicles, better ally control, new ally units, improved map editor, campaign editor (maybe), plenty of stuff to keep the game great.”

NzC: Great! How's that coming along? Any new enemies/modes/vehicles /etc. you'd like to reveal? Any screenshots of them?

RG: Well actually progress on Mechbot is really slow. I've been working on many of my other projects (Venality is what I've been working on mainly recently) and then there's school which takes up far too much of my time.

What I have done, though, I'd rather keep a secret until the final release.

NzC: Okay, thanks for taking this interview!

RG: No problem, and if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.
[Note: At this point, I would have asked him where he got his interesting name, but it was late at night and I had set myself a deadline to finish this story tonight on time like a professional. And I probably sound completely unprofessional admitting that, but whatever.]
Thanks, Radnom Games!

Thanks, NerdzClub! I'm sure our readers will greatly appreciate this piece of fine work you've done here. But now onto other matters. I have recently (yesterday) put up a forum for GMI, mainly for the staff and I to talk, when I thought, 'It'd be nice to open it up to the public, just in case they want to chat about GMI.'

Specifically, it's got an Article Chat, where you can talk to other users about your favorite articles, it's got a GMI Suggestions place, which is self-explanatory, a nomination and game submission area, where you can nominate games for coverage or submit your own to a staff member. It's got an off-topic and just a whole bunch more, and it'd be great if you all give it a look, join up, and post a little.

You can get to the forum by going to

Thanks for reading and I wish everyone well!

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Make-A-Call, Interview with noobfarm

Haha, here we go. Make-A-Call (MAC) has been greatly hyped until some members basically proved the project impossible. But I don't feel like explaining 6 pages of controversy to you. Read the interview.

GMI: So there has been a lot of controversy over whether MAC is real. Is it?
noobfarm: Yes MAC is real.
GMI: Can you prove this?
noobfarm: Well, yes. Im not saying that you can come and PM me asking for MAC and i'll give it to you. But yes I can prove this.
GMI: How?
noobfarm: How? Posibley a demo, or maybe a video of me calling someone. Or I can tell how it works. But for me to tell people how it works they would have to work at A2 Gamespot (
GMI: How do you get a job there?
noobfarm: Well, you can simply talk to me by, PM'ing me on GMG or Talking to me on AIM: Tutandusflander
GMI: What can you do in Make-A-Call?
noobfarm: You can call people and you can program into 5 numbers for "Flash Dial"
GMI: When will MAC be finished? Do you have a release date?
noobfarm: Well it should be somtime around the end of the summer(a little before september) becuase I have pushed it to the bottom of my "To do" list becuase GMG does not support the project.
GMI: Will you release a demo at all?
noobfarm: Maybe. Im not quite sure at this point.

We are still looking for staff! Recently, ronnoc just joined and is going to start working on some material soon, and NerdzClub has just finished an interview with Radnom Games, which will be published soon!

Thursday, June 01, 2006 

Interview with Game Fortress - by NerdzClub

I know there hasn't been an update in what seems like ages, but finally I, or should I say 'we', have one. I have decided to sign NerdzClub as a new writer for GMI, and you can expect one or two articles a week from him. He got an inside interview with Game Fortress about 4 upcoming games.

Interview with Game Fortress

As my first interview on behalf of GM Insider, I got the honor of interviewing revered game maker Game Fortress. Just last February, GF’s game “The Curse of Kaumaha” was released. It received critical acclaim for its originality, intriguing graphics, and interesting puzzles. “The Curse of Kaumaha” won the Spotlight award for February. Since then, Game Fortress has continued work on a handful of projects all at once, apparently with others yet to be announced. I got the chance to ask him a few questions about his games, here we go:

NerdzClub: You're currently working on four games at once right? (Isn’t it Magnetic, Aqua Artist Colorful Virtual Aquarium, Pokemon Twilight, and Blackwater?) Are there any others you are working on?

GameFortress: Blackwater is the main project I am working on at the moment. The other games listed are either side projects (like Magnetic), old projects I plan to revisit later (Aqua Artist) or just for fun (Pokemon Twilight). I have many more game concepts in progress, but none of them have moved into official production.

NzC: Which do you work on the most? Which one is your favorite?

GF: It depends on my mood. Blackwater is easily my most ambitious project so far, and in terms of the grand scheme, I would have to say it is my favorite. It is a massive amount of work to put together an RPG, so the actual development is less than rosy. I think I have had the most fun putting together Magnetic.

NzC: Do you have any unreleased/exclusive screenshots to give us for the article?

GF: I want to keep Blackwater mostly hush-hush, but I could probably provide a few screenies for Magnetic.

NzC: Could you briefly explain each game? Where did you get these ideas? Inspiration of some kind?

GF: Wow, this could take a while. I guess I will start from the top.
Most people probably know me from my work on Pokemon Twilight. PT was a game I decided to make for two reasons and two reasons only. 1.) Nobody at any of the GM forums seemed to think a quality Pokemon game was possible, and 2.) Pokemon was my childhood fixation and I had always aspired to make my own. Basically, I did it for personal fun. PT is not and will not be my main project in the near future, it’s just for kicks.
Aqua Artist is probably the first game I created that I really liked. I made it a month or so after getting an aquarium full of fish, and the concept seemed to fit really well in a game. The game currently available for download is well over a year old by now, and the first version I ever made is now reaching its 2 year anniversary, so It is a deep rooted game. I really like the concept and I plan to do a total revamp sometime this summer. My programming and graphical skills have increased substantially and it should be a pleasing game experience.
Magnetic was a very spontaneous Idea. It cropped up in my head while I was trying to get asleep last august, and It wouldn’t get out until I got a prototype working. The demo I released on the GMG and GMC nearly a year ago is simply the two day product of that idea. I recently restarted the project because it kicks butt and because I needed to get back into the summer swing before Blackwater. It is really fun to work on, and in a way, I wish I could dwell on in longer. Unfortunately, it will take a back seat for Blackwater for the next few weeks.
Now for the big one, Blackwater. Many people have questioned my judgment with this game. For anyone who has followed it science its release will probably be familiar with the main character, a greenish yellow sea horse looking creature. Spout, as he is called, was the product of some sketches I drew early last year. The game was originally slated for the name “The Legend of Spout” but it was switched to “Blackwater” in January. The game has changed substantially from my original vision. It was meant to be an underwater side scrolling platform with puzzle elements. It has become a much more grandiose project science then. The story has exploded into a plot filled with treachery and deceit, all revolving around the mysterious end of the world, also known as “Blackwater”. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot but for those of you who have played it, expect dramatic changes in the next few weeks with new demos.

NzC: Which game will be out first, you think?

GF: If luck is on my side, it will be Blackwater

NzC: Do you have any exclusive or unreleased info that you'd like to share, or that you're going to share soon?

GF: I don’t know if I should say this so early on, but there is a good chance I may work on an MMORPG, after the success of PT over the net, but it will NOT be a Pokemon game.

Thanks a lot, NerdzClub! Game Fortress also released a screenshot for Magnetic.

"This is an image earlier on in the game before the little blue guy finds his magnet"