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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 

Spiderman Simulation - New Exclusive Screenshots

After learning a lot about NerdzClub and Unique-Gorilla's new game, Spiderman Simulation, NerdzClub kindly sent me a bunch of unreleased screenshots. Underneath each one, he gave a description of what's going on in the shot. All of these will be actual quotes.

"This pic shows Spiderman catching Nightcrawler in one of the challenges in the new demo (catch nightcrawler 7 times). His Spidersenses are also going off (the yellow flash) because he's standing on spikes that will shoot up in the air soon."

"From the same level, Spiderman avoids Nightcrawler's line of vision (the red bars) and waits for him to look the other way so he can pounce...."

"^ This pic demonstrates what happens when Nightcrawler sees you. He disappears and you can't catch him! Instead, you have to wait in hiding for him to reappear (usually takes 5-6 seconds)."

"This is a pic of a level that gave some testers a lot of trouble. A cannon is continuously firing high-velocity cannonballs at Spiderman. My tip is, stop trying to dodge the cannonballs when they're going around 6 times faster than you. The idea of the level is to trust your Spidersenses and judge the distance between you and the cannon. If you're right up close to the cannon and your spidersenses go off, jump away from the cannon and sprint and jump away. If you're by the other wall, climb up or down the wall to give the cannon a moving target that's harder to hit. If you're in the grounds in between (like in the pic), just trust your Spidersenses and jump when it flashes. You can tell in the pic I had a pretty close call, but I survived by jumping the moment the old senses flared up."

He told me that nobody else (not even Unique-Gorilla) had seen these pictures and that they're exclusive to GMI. Thank you, NerdzClub.

As always, you know how to contact me and let me know what games you want to see being covered here.