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Monday, May 22, 2006 

First Coverage - Spiderman Simulation by NerdzClub and Unique-Gorilla

Well, here it is, the first coverage I'm doing. It's about a new platformer where you control Spidey and use his powers to get you through the level.

The official last update on the game was 5/20, and today is 5/22, so we have two days of nothing 'officially' happening. But we all know that there is work going on behind the scenes that no one know about except the creators. So that's where I come in. I asked NerdzClub a few questions about his game and got some good answers.

The official post stated that the next demo will be released anywhere from 5/21 to 5/28. The first demo, however, can be found here.

But I got the real story, here. When asked if he had an official demo release date, NerdzClub replied, "Yes, the next demo will be released between today and one week from now (in other words, sometime this coming week). Most likely next Saturday, but possibly earlier."

The demo is supposedly going to have "more than" 3 more levels, "possibly" a boss, "and more".

I also asked NerdzClub about an official release date for the entire game. He told me that the game development was going smoothly and working with such progress, that he is expecting a late Summer/early Fall release for the game.

There was one more question that he answered for me. I asked him if there were any 'secrets' in the game, or something planned that no one knows about. He said, "... for fun, I often hide hidden messages or symbols in my games..."

He didn't have all of the material I was asking for at the time that I asked for it. Thankfully, though, he said he could get me some inside screenshots within the next day or two. So be checking back every once in a while 'cause I'll be getting some secret, never before seen looks into NerdzClub and Unique-Gorilla's new game, Spiderman Simulation.

Do you know of a game that you think should be covered? PM me on the GMG or send me an e-mail at raisinbran91@hotmail.com. Have any comments, rants, or raves? You can always post a comment. All are welcome, as long as you keep them under control. We may have young ones visiting the site and we don't need to hear your nasty language ;).

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