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Saturday, May 27, 2006 


Another interview, ready to see the light of day. This time it's with Team Darkmatter and their upcoming project, Deity.

GMI: This game has been in production since Dec. 19, 2005. When do you expect it to be done

edenb: It will (metaphorically anyway) hit shelves near the end of the year, probably about Christmas.

GMI: So we all know that, as God, you'll have special powers. Do you have a list of powers that you can show us?

edenb: No, but there will be hundreds of possible combinations.
We haven't decided on all miricles yet.

GMI: Is this game going to cost anything? Or will it be free?

edenb: Of course it will be free!

GMI: What are you working on right now for the game?

edenb: I'm personally overseeing all aspects of Deity, like graphics, music, programming and design but most of the design work was done at the start. The big feature we're working on now is enemy god AI, which is arguably the most difficult feature of Deity programming- wise

GMI: Are you working on, or going to work on anything you haven't said publicly?

edenb: yes, I can't say much now but the Deity expansion pack will add a lot of different gameplay mechanics to Deity, a few new features never used in "god games" before. Deity 2 is in early stages of planning and will be like the transition of Mario to Mario 64...

Unfortunately, edenb couldn't supply me with any 'exclusive' screenshots. But there are some out there, and they can be found at this link.

Thanks, edenb!

Do you have good writing skills? Would you be interested in writing for GMI? If so, please contact me somehow and I'll see what I can do!

wonder how expansion pack will work...never heard of those for GM game

Not bad. I never knew about Deity (I tend to ignore the Game Ideas forum :P).

Keep up the good work!


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