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Another interview, ready to see the light of day. This time it's with Team Darkmatter and their upcoming project, Deity.

GMI: This game has been in production since Dec. 19, 2005. When do you expect it to be done

edenb: It will (metaphorically anyway) hit shelves near the end of the year, probably about Christmas.

GMI: So we all know that, as God, you'll have special powers. Do you have a list of powers that you can show us?

edenb: No, but there will be hundreds of possible combinations.
We haven't decided on all miricles yet.

GMI: Is this game going to cost anything? Or will it be free?

edenb: Of course it will be free!

GMI: What are you working on right now for the game?

edenb: I'm personally overseeing all aspects of Deity, like graphics, music, programming and design but most of the design work was done at the start. The big feature we're working on now is enemy god AI, which is arguably the most difficult feature of Deity programming- wise

GMI: Are you working on, or going to work on anything you haven't said publicly?

edenb: yes, I can't say much now but the Deity expansion pack will add a lot of different gameplay mechanics to Deity, a few new features never used in "god games" before. Deity 2 is in early stages of planning and will be like the transition of Mario to Mario 64...

Unfortunately, edenb couldn't supply me with any 'exclusive' screenshots. But there are some out there, and they can be found at this link.

Thanks, edenb!

Do you have good writing skills? Would you be interested in writing for GMI? If so, please contact me somehow and I'll see what I can do!

Thursday, May 25, 2006 

Diary of the Phoenix - Interview With cactus

Here it is... everyone's been clueless as to what's really going on behind the scenes of 'Diary of the Phoenix' by cactus. He's posted several fake download links and a bunch of screenshots. Some have called him a master of torture, and others have asked if he was on crack. I've got the inside scoop, though. I scored an interview with the game maker, along with sketches he used for the cutscenes. So sit back, relax, and learn!

GMI: Okay, in your first post you said if anyone could guess what the game's about they'd win a free copy. Does this mean everyone else has to pay?

cactus: No, everyone will get a free copy. Maybe I'll have to charge a small fee for the uncensored version of the game, to ensure that people are of the right age to play the game.

GMI: What's up with the fake download links? You mentioned you were bored but was there any other specific reason?

cactus: Yeah, it was fun to tease everyone, but it was also to cover up that the game was in such an early stage of development that I couldn't even release a demo if I wanted to.

GMI: So, without ruining anything, can you tell us what this game's about?

cactus: Hm, I'll try. The game is set in the future, where mankind has migrated into space in order to escape the earth, which has been devestated by a major nuclear war. In order to survive they have constructed four small artificial planets where they've built up their new civilization.

The main events of the story occurs a few centuries later, where terrorists has developed new weapons of mass destruction and tries to subdue the governments of the different planets.

The player will take the role of a rather bleak character that gets pulled into the terror organization mostly just for kicks. It will play out like a simplified, and surrealistic adventure game (think the La La Land series, and add some slightly more refined gameplay and adventure elements, and you'll get the picture).

GMI: The graphics look really nice. Are they all yours?

cactus: Yes, I've drawn everything freehand in paint, without the use of existing motives or models. The only thing that probably won't be made by me is sound effects, but I'll have processed them quite a bit, so no one will recognize them from anywhere else. The music will be analogue, and recorded by yours truly, which will add quite a lot to the filesize (and hopefully to the atmosphere of the game).

GMI: You said you want some beta testers before it's finished... do you know who you're looking for and when?

cactus: I'm looking for serious people who can dedicate more than just a couple of minutes to make an indepth review of the game. Puzzles are hard to do in adventures such as this one, since everyone doesn't use the same reasoning when trying to figure out what to do. And I don't want anyone to get stuck while playing the game. That would just take away the fun from it.

I'm not sure when I'll be needing people to test the game, probably when the game is nearing completion.

GMI: Last question... you told everyone that they should see the real thing by the end of the summer. Do you have a better idea of a certain date?

cactus: No. I keep drawing new stuff for the game nearly everyday, yet I can't see an end of the list of things to do, yet. So, your guess is as good as mine.

Although, I've considered releasing the game in parts. It's going to be built like a diary, so maybe I'd release a few entries every now and then untill the game is done. But I'm not so sure that it's such a good idea, since I might want to go back and change things around when the game is done.

And that was the end of the interview. When I asked him for a few screenshots, he told me he didn't have any at the moment, but he had some sketches he made for the cutscenes. He gave me links to three, but I can only show two, because one was too inappropriate. You can, however, contact me somehow and I WILL show it to you.

Sketch One
Sketch Three

He also told me about the minigame he's working on. Here's what he said.

"The new minigame I'm working on is pretty hard to describe without ruining it. The whole point of the game is to figure out what to do next, and how to do it. It's a platformer made in the same style as the RETRO series, but you will notice right from the start that it's very different from my other projects. As the game progresses the gameplay will successively change into something new.

You basically will have a new type of challenge in each room, and you'll never be able to guess what comes next. It's going to be a seriously sweet, but probably rather short adventure.

Enough talking, I have some games to work on."

Thanks goes to cactus, for doing this interview so willingly. I hope that helps some of you who are really hyped about his new game. Thanks for reading!

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GM Insider Update

Hey, all, this is just an update for the site.

If you want to help GMI out, you can do so by copying and pasting the following code into your forum signature.


Doing so will hopefully get new viewers. I thank everyone who does this. If you have one of your own designs, you can e-mail it to me and if I like it, it'll become available to use.

Also, expect the interview with cactus (about his new, very secretive project, Diary of the Phoenix) to be posted later tonight or sometime tomorrow. And don't forget about the demo for Detoss Law 2 coming out soon, exclusively for GM Insider; nowhere else.

One more thing: I would really appreciate it if you, the viewers, could contact me somehow and let me know how I'm doing with this. If you hate it, tell me why. If you love it, tell me why. That'd really help me out, so thanks goes to anyone who will do so.

That's it for now, be checking back because that interview with cactus is coming soon, along with sketches he used for the cutscenes (indcluding one that's too inappropriate to show!).

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GM Insider Update - What's Coming Up!

I have a lot coming up that I think everyone will be happy about. I'm really glad to see that a lot of the game makers are willing to help out and give me material. I also just want to thank everyone who's helped out. This includes any suggestions you've given me about the site (that means you, Joewoof!), those who have given me game ideas, and all the developers who I interviewed and asked questions.

But to the point: I have a lot coming up. But I don't want to burn this thing out 3 days after I made it, so I'm going to spread it out. Yes, I'm going to try and do a little each day, but you may have to wait for the big stuff.

What you can expect in the near future, though, is a demo for Spiderman Simulation that hasn't been released yet. You can also expect an EXCLUSIVE (read: nobody else will have this) demo for Detoss Law 2, thanks to FearedMachina. Also, you'll be seeing an interview with cactus about his new game, Diary of the Phoenix.

So I hope all of you will keep reading and I hope everyone's looking forward to the near future as much as I am.


Spiderman Simulation - New Exclusive Screenshots

After learning a lot about NerdzClub and Unique-Gorilla's new game, Spiderman Simulation, NerdzClub kindly sent me a bunch of unreleased screenshots. Underneath each one, he gave a description of what's going on in the shot. All of these will be actual quotes.

"This pic shows Spiderman catching Nightcrawler in one of the challenges in the new demo (catch nightcrawler 7 times). His Spidersenses are also going off (the yellow flash) because he's standing on spikes that will shoot up in the air soon."

"From the same level, Spiderman avoids Nightcrawler's line of vision (the red bars) and waits for him to look the other way so he can pounce...."

"^ This pic demonstrates what happens when Nightcrawler sees you. He disappears and you can't catch him! Instead, you have to wait in hiding for him to reappear (usually takes 5-6 seconds)."

"This is a pic of a level that gave some testers a lot of trouble. A cannon is continuously firing high-velocity cannonballs at Spiderman. My tip is, stop trying to dodge the cannonballs when they're going around 6 times faster than you. The idea of the level is to trust your Spidersenses and judge the distance between you and the cannon. If you're right up close to the cannon and your spidersenses go off, jump away from the cannon and sprint and jump away. If you're by the other wall, climb up or down the wall to give the cannon a moving target that's harder to hit. If you're in the grounds in between (like in the pic), just trust your Spidersenses and jump when it flashes. You can tell in the pic I had a pretty close call, but I survived by jumping the moment the old senses flared up."

He told me that nobody else (not even Unique-Gorilla) had seen these pictures and that they're exclusive to GMI. Thank you, NerdzClub.

As always, you know how to contact me and let me know what games you want to see being covered here.

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La La Land 6 by biggt

This is what we've all been waiting for. I think this is the first anyone's heard officially from biggt concerning La La Land 6, part of his famous series. I got an exclusive interview with the amazing creator and got to dive into his head and learn some things about his great series. Here goes:

GMI: We all know that the La La Land series is great for it's surreal and abstract feel to it. Why did you make your games like that?

biggt: If you were moved by the game, chances are you know where it came from. I don't mean to sound cryptic or stubborn but over-analysis can really ruin some experiences I think. Then again it can also add to them.

They were made after intensively working on another game. I became overwhelmed with the pressure of knowing that I may never finish it. That's a horrible feeling, especially when you put so much heart into it. These games were like the byproduct of that.

GMI: What do you have planned for the next La La Land game?

biggt: If I planned these games they would become methodical. I try to avoid that.

GMI: When will La La Land 6 come out?

biggt: On my mother's birthday.

And that's what I've got so far, at least concerning interviews. I have screenshots, too.

Screenshot One
Screenshot Two
Screenshot Three
Screenshot Four
Screenshot Five

I hope to have more from biggt and other people, so be sure to check back for all the latest from Game Maker Insider!


Site Update - New Name

After receiving some feedback, I have decided to change the name of this blog from 'GM News' to 'GM Insider'. Thank you, Joewoof!

Also, I highly recommend you use RSS/XML feeds here. It's clean, easy, and you'll know when I get a new article up. :)

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You know how to contact me.


First Coverage - Spiderman Simulation by NerdzClub and Unique-Gorilla

Well, here it is, the first coverage I'm doing. It's about a new platformer where you control Spidey and use his powers to get you through the level.

The official last update on the game was 5/20, and today is 5/22, so we have two days of nothing 'officially' happening. But we all know that there is work going on behind the scenes that no one know about except the creators. So that's where I come in. I asked NerdzClub a few questions about his game and got some good answers.

The official post stated that the next demo will be released anywhere from 5/21 to 5/28. The first demo, however, can be found here.

But I got the real story, here. When asked if he had an official demo release date, NerdzClub replied, "Yes, the next demo will be released between today and one week from now (in other words, sometime this coming week). Most likely next Saturday, but possibly earlier."

The demo is supposedly going to have "more than" 3 more levels, "possibly" a boss, "and more".

I also asked NerdzClub about an official release date for the entire game. He told me that the game development was going smoothly and working with such progress, that he is expecting a late Summer/early Fall release for the game.

There was one more question that he answered for me. I asked him if there were any 'secrets' in the game, or something planned that no one knows about. He said, "... for fun, I often hide hidden messages or symbols in my games..."

He didn't have all of the material I was asking for at the time that I asked for it. Thankfully, though, he said he could get me some inside screenshots within the next day or two. So be checking back every once in a while 'cause I'll be getting some secret, never before seen looks into NerdzClub and Unique-Gorilla's new game, Spiderman Simulation.

Do you know of a game that you think should be covered? PM me on the GMG or send me an e-mail at Have any comments, rants, or raves? You can always post a comment. All are welcome, as long as you keep them under control. We may have young ones visiting the site and we don't need to hear your nasty language ;).

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Welcome to GM News! I'm your editor, Venom, and I am going to be showing you around the Game Maker Universe. I'm going to get you inside your fellow game maker's minds, getting screenshots and info on games not yet released! I'll get you all the info you want to know but don't. If you have a game that you want to learn more about, whether it be a screenshot or two, a release date, or anything, please e-mail me at and I'll see what I can do!